About Us

Shaping Clay is all about community-building.  It was inspired by the generous people of the Paul & Klare Reinhold Foundation, and is an extension of the vision of Paul Reinhold himself, who extolled the virtues of ‘cathedral building’ as a means to doing good in our own communities (see: http://www.reinhold.org/aboutus.php).

Shaping Clay began in May 2009, when after that Reinhold Foundation Team Leadership Training alumni breakfast, a group decided to continue meeting after the training. This original group of people from Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Waste Not Want Not, Habitat for Humanity, and the Thrasher-Horn Center for the Arts started to meet monthly.  Over time, and strictly through word-of-mouth, the group has grown to include a membership of over 60 nonprofit organizations!

Ultimately, our mission is to learn, network, and collaborate to help each member – and the organization that he or she represents – thrive and better serve our community.  Sometimes we invite speakers to talk about topics important to effective organizations, and sometimes we trade best-practice ideas among ourselves.

We welcome ANYone – volunteer, business-person, government or nonprofit leader – who would like to help shape Clay!  Check out the website to see if the upcoming topic is one that you’d like to learn about or share your experience with the group. Call any one of your Shaping Clay team leaders or send an email to info@shapingclay.org to find out more.

Peace and Joy

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