January 2017 Meeting Invite – Resource Directory

Greetings. You’re invited to our January 27 Shaping Clay meeting. We still meet at St. Vincent’s in Middleburg, starting at 8:30 a.m. At this meeting, we’re going to have a round-table discussion on resource directories used in Clay County. At previous meetings, we have talked about having a centralized resource directory. There are some hurdles to overcome to achieve this, however; let’s start by exploring what resource directories are already out there. For existing directories, how can we help each other get the word out and keep our directories up-to-date? If you are considering starting a new resource directory, please come to find out what may already exist that may be useful for you.
For each person attending that has a resource directory, please share with us things like:
How is your directory used by your organization? What information does it contain? What is the approximate size or how many resources does it contain? How is it kept up-to-date? Is it used internally or shared with the community? If it is shared, is it available in printed form and/or online? Would you like to expand its distribution? If so, who should have access to your directory that doesn’t already? How can we help you keep it up-to-date and get the word out about your directory? Who is the contact in your organization for someone to find out more about it?

Here are some organizations that may have a resource directory or be a repository for one.

Amy Parker                  Reinhold Foundation
Andre Van Heerden   Clay Safety Net Alliance
Andrea Hepburn         Orange Park Medical Center
Bob Arnold                   United Way 211
Frances Elia                 Mercy Support Services
K Loader                       Clay County School District
Leah Donelan               Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida
Sandy Coffey                Clay County Library


Please come and participate in this round table discussion. If there are others who should be present, please invite them. For those who can’t attend, send information via email ahead of time to Karen Wintress kkwintress@yahoo.com, and we’ll share it with the group.  

Meeting Location  
St. Vincent’s Health Care
1670 St. Vincent’s Way
Middleburg, FL 32068