August 2016 – Are you prepared for an emergency?


Come join us August 26 at St. Vincent’s in Middleburg from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Our focus is ‘Are you prepared for an emergency?’ John Ward from Clay County’s Emergency Operations Center will lead us in a discussion about emergency preparation. Are you personally prepared for an emergency such as a flood, fire, or hurricane? Can your organization withstand the impact when a disaster affects our community? If you or your organization are not totally prepared, then how can you assist your clients?

Here are some topics to consider:

  • Have you and your clients signed up for emergency notifications?
  • Where are the designated evacuation zones?
  • Where is the closest hurricane shelter? What provisions can be made for pets?
  • Does your organization have a disaster plan? If yes, please bring a copy to share. If not, what should a disaster plan include?
  • Are there opportunities for your organization to collaborate and share resources with another group to better respond in an emergency?

Our goals for the meeting is for everyone who already has a disaster readiness plan to share some of the key elements. For those that don’t have a plan to leave committed to creating one for your organization in the near term. We could also define what actions we can take to help our clients be prepared.

You may want to check out this website for information about Clay County Emergency Management before the meeting. Http://

Please help us get the word out about this meeting. We can only benefit from hearing from a broad spectrum of stakeholders and how they will respond in an emergency.  Feel free to invite those who you feel can contribute or benefit from this discussion. Of course if we are in the middle of an actual emergency, we will have to reschedule this meeting since John Ward will be running the Clay County Emergency Operations Center.