February 2015 – The Power Of Networking

The theme of our February 27th meeting was networking.

Feb 2015 MtgWe explored ways that each of our organizations network with their constituents and with other organizations in the community. Welcome to the several new people who joined us!

Each organization had an opportunity to share a success story representing the lives that his or her agency has touched. It gave us all a deeper look into the heart of our Clay County nonprofits and community.

One networking suggestion was to attend Clay County Chamber of Commerce events which are open to everyone. The Chamber sponsors many networking events throughout each month. If you haven’t already attended, try out Finally Friday meetings. Here you can get your message out to 60 – 90 attendees each week. No need to preregister; just come prepared with a 30-second statement including your name, organization, and what you are looking for.  The meeting starts promptly every Friday morning at 8:30am at Haven Hospice.

Another idea was for nonprofits to reach out to for profit companies. Many companies are looking for ways to contribute to the community. They may not be aware of your organization, who you are reaching, and what successes you are having. Find ways to get your story out and meet with representatives from companies that you’d like to have support you.

Build face-to-face relationships. Have one-to-one meetings over coffee with people from other organizations (profit and nonprofit). Find out more about what each other is doing and explore if there are ways to collaborate. Make sure to follow up and stay connected after an initial meeting, follow up is key to successful relationships.

Stay current with other events going on in the community. By doing this you may identify opportunities to support each other. When possible, attend events being held by other organizations.

Feb 2015 MtgIn building your board reach outside your normal boundaries to those who may not be directly related to the mission of your organization. You want people that through his or her network can make connections to individuals and groups that want to support what you are doing.

Connect our organizations via Facebook. The more active we are using social media, the more we will get our story out and get supported. Consider not just posting an upcoming event, but share photos and information about what happened during and after the event.

 Peace and Joy

    From your Shaping Clay Team


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