April 2015 – Keys To Marketing

At our April 24th meeting, we shared effective marketing strategies and tactics.

Mar 2015 MtgAs you review the suggestions below, which approaches are you already using?  Are there one or two areas that you would like to work on incorporating within your organization? Are there things your organization is doing that you’d like to have us add to the list of suggestions?

First know your market and honestly evaluate what you are doing to reach that market. Make sure that you are offering a quality product or service that is supported by excellent customer service in a culture or way which is comfortable for your prospects / clients. By doing this, and following up, your efforts will generate referrals.

Ask for referrals from satisfied clients.

Get out in the community and cultivate relationships; don’t wait for people to come to you.

What is your online presence? When people come to your website or Facebook page can they figure out how you can help them in less than 7 seconds? They are not coming to watch a 10 minute video. People are searching because they have a question or want to solve a problem.

If your organization has multiple audiences, then you probably need multiple elevator pitches. Each elevator pitch should be appropriate for the target audience and should be easy to understand.

Create a jingle, song, or catch phrase to make your marketing more memorable.

Integrate humor and make your message lighthearted when appropriate.

Integrate multiple senses – auditory, visual, tactile, and / or olfactory.

Go where your target population hangs out which could be clothing stores, nail salons, or places for kids.

Have someone who has gone through your program return to share their success. Use these positive stories to build confidence with prospects.

Give past and present participants your cards to pass out.Mar 2015 Mtg

Prepare marketing flyers or other materials that you can hand out or leave behind after a meeting.

Gauge the different modes of reaching people to obtain the best results. Where will your marketing message resonate – at schools, churches, social media, at the mall? Can you best reach your audience via text, email, or phone?

Find ways to celebrate and salute accomplishments.

Follow through after events. One way could be by telling stories.

Don’t forget to market within your own agency, especially if you have multiple programs.

Peace and Joy

    From your Shaping Clay Team


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