September 2013 Meeting Notes

On Friday, September 27th, Leah Donelan, Vice President of the Northeast Florida Nonprofit Center, spoke with us about the Northeast Florida Link.

The Link offers a broad range of interactive services to help you track statistics, communicate outcomes, and build virtual and on-the-ground support. The Link is a real-world tool to help you market your organization and make a compelling case for grants! Notes from the September Shaping Clay meeting are posted below.

See you October 25th for our next meeting.

September Meeting Notes

The September meeting made our collective heads spin with possibility!

Leah Donelan from the Northeast Florida Nonprofit Center spoke with us about their amazing tool, “The Link.”  If ever there was a resource that could support our ability to connect and collaborate with each other to serve our constituents, this is it!  My notes can only introduce it.  You have to visit the site and play around with it to truly discover its potential:  Look for future workshops on The Link to help us learn to optimize it.  In the meantime, happy reading!

At the Table

  • * Susan McGinnis, Grace Episcopal
  • * Stephanie Van Dyke, Young Life
  • * John Cone, BASCA
  • * Maureen Jung, Clay County Writers
  • * Ashley Escobar, Take Stock in Children (YMCA)
  • * Nyree Brown, Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • * Andrea Beach, Guest
  • * Wendy Ungaro, Community Hospice
  • * Ashley Juarez-Smith, Clinton Health Initiative
  • * Lynn Hirabayashi, Voices for Children
  • * Jackie Kujala, Guardian ad Litem
  • * Sudy Norman, Graceful Warrior Advocates
  • * DeAnn Collins, Community Hospice
  • * Amy Parker, Reinhold Foundation
  • * Sandra Staudt Killea, Waste Not Want Not
  • * Nancy Knight, Hands on Jax
  • * Maureen Jung, Florida Writer’s Association
  • * Catrine Fredrikson, Rotary
  • * Janie Foxx, Mercy Support Services
  • * Cindy Pontrelli, Military Museum
  • * Beth Eifert, Thrasher Horne Center for the Arts

Leah Donelan, Northeast Florida Nonprofit Center, “The Link”

Nonprofit Statistics:

  • * The nonprofit sector is the 4th largest industry in the state (bigger than Finance, Banking, Health Care).
    • * it generates $3.8 billion in annual revenue and holds $5.8 billion in assets
    • * it contributes $1.64 billion per year in unpaid or volunteer time to the economy each year
    • * there are 1,000 orgs in NE FL
    • * they represent over 9% of area employment
    • * nonprofits are the #1 trusted source to provide services (higher than churches, individual volunteers, the military, universities, and the government)
      • * people believe in the work we do and they trust us
  • * when 748 people locally were asked to name their favorite nonprofit, the most popular ones only got 3% of response
    • * among them, Salvation Army and St. Judes (the latter of which isn’t in NE Florida!)

How do we make sure people understand what local orgs are doing here?

  • * “The Link” offers nonprofits an incredible tool to map and collaborate
    • * we’re one of a hand-full of communities in the nation to have such a tool
    • * It allows us to define the sector in a way that nonprofits can know who else is out there doing the work and be able to connect with them
      • * funded by Jessie Ball DuPont Fund & Community Foundation
        • * creation of The Link was sector-driven, vs funder-driven
        • Nonprofits are automatically added to The Link via their 990 forms
          • * once the 990s are filed with IRS they become public knowledge
          • * unfortunately, there’s typically about an 18-month lag
          • * The Link allows nonprofits to:
            • * Edit their information
            • * Map and Collaborate
              • * sort by programs, organizations, locations
                • * map by sub-sector to uncover gaps!
                  • * Veterans Services Map
                  • * Senior Services Map
                  • * map by need
                  • * poverty rates
                  • * bus stops
                  • * food pantries
                  • * sub-sector maps are designed to connect service providers to each other
                  • * arts & culture
                  • * community
                  • * education, etc.
      • * there’s a map legend
        • * filter by locations (county, city within county, zip code, political districts
        • * locate nonprofit partners
        • * use map information for advocacy purposes
      • * Post resources
      • * Conduct basic project management within or among organizations
      • * Registration is FREE!!!
      • * Attendees from Shaping Clay were amazed by the potential of this tool!
      • * We would like to plan future workshops during which Leah or a colleague could walk us through The Link as it pertains to our own organizations
      • * A few points emerged from the group:
        • * Is there a way to get Clay transit stops on the map (currently it’s only Duval)?
          • * one problem for the homeless is there’s no way to get them from late-shift jobs to home because of the hours of our transit service
  • * How would one add Veterans locations on the sub-sector map?
    • * answer: go to Nonprofit Center, click “The Link”, then “Veterans,” and add yourselves


Take Stock in Children weekend at the Amazing Grace Crop Maze in Green Cove Springs Oct. 17th-19th, 2013. The crop maze will donate $1 to our program for every guest who presents one of our flyers. Money raised will help us purchase college tuition scholarships for new Take Stock in Children scholars! Flyers can be found at Clay County YMCAs, on our Take Stock in Children of Clay County Facebook page, or from me directly.

Strides for Education 5K walk/run on December 7th, 2013. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Money raised will help our program purchase college tuition scholarships for new Take Stock in Children scholars!

Mercy Celebration Benefit Concert October 6, 2013, 6-8pm    “Celebrate Another Year of Amazing Miracles Making Clay County a Better Place.” Visit:

Seamark Ranch invite all our friends to a FREE day of Family Fun at the Ranch on Saturday, October 26 from10am-2pm.  There is also a Trail Ride from 8am-11am if anyone is interested.  Registration and details are on our website at

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Clay County Dental Care clinic  
Join us to for food and entertainment to raise funds to equip the Clay County Dental Care clinic with equipment to provide root canal treatments.
October 18, 2013 7-9pm. WEBSITE