November 2012 Meeting Notes

Hi everyone!

Here are the notes from our November 30th meeting (please note that there will be no meeting in December). 

We had a great time getting to know more about each other as we took turns sharing lessons we learned and applied from the past year.  At the table were:

Willie Lees-YMCA

Jennifer Connell – The Self Movement

Patrick Hayle-Mercy Support Services

Diane Jackson – Guardian Ad Litem

Jeannie Gallina-The Way Free Medical Clinic

Catrine Fredrickson – Rotary/Boy scouts

Amy Parker – Paul & Klare Reinhold Foundation

Jackie Kujala – Guardian AdLitem

Darren Dailey – The Jacksonville Children’s Chorus

Lee Sackett – CJ Acres Animal Rescue

Lisa Montgomery – Clay Literacy Coalition

John Cone – Basca

Cindy Cranford – A Heart for Homes

Maureen Young – BASCA

Theresa Crocket – Challenge Enterprise

Nyree Bowen – Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Wendy Ungaro – Community Hospice

Beth Eifert – Thrasher Horne

Christy Fitzgerald – The Way Free Medical Clinic

Meeting Notes:

Beth welcomed everyone by sharing: “This meeting is the highlight of my month, it puts me in touch with what is most important…”

Jennifer Connell started the meeting asking us to share what we have learned in this amazing year of meetings. 

  • We paired with someone not in our organization.
  • Took 2 minutes each to share their background and lessons learned in the past year.
  • Introduced our partner to the group.

Lessons learned/applied:

  • Maureen Young, BASCA:
  1.  Maureen is new to BASCA.
  2.  She handles grant writing and development. 
  3. Maureen used the issue of storytelling to enhance what she does.
  4. She has reworked her story to increase effectiveness, targeting the story to the audience.
  5.  She acknowledged the continuation of the process takes practice and focus and willingness to stay with the message.
  • Theresa Crockett, Challenge Enterprises
  1. Theresa learned how advertising is different from marketing and outreach. 
  2. She is using social media outreach to get her message out to new people in new ways. 
  3. Reaching people’s hearts is critical!
  • Patrick Hayle, Mercy Support Services:
  1. Patrick is using a call center to reach his audience.
  • Diane Jackson, Guardian AdLitem
  1. Using lessons learned to gain more volunteers.
  • Lisa Montgomery, Clay County Literacy
  1.  Lisa has noticed a drop in volunteerism even though marketing has increased. 
  2. She is trying to learn why that is happening. 
  3. She is using storytelling, trying to tell a story about what she does that it would appeal to others and encourage them to volunteer. 
  • Jackie Kujala, Guardian ad Litem
  1. Jackie is also using storytelling.
  • Bobbie Moore, Foundation Fighting for Sight and Moms for Sight
  1. Bobbi’s biggest change, networking and fundraising with the businesses and restaurant community to raise funds.
  • Cindy Cranford –A Heart for Homes, High Point Community Church
  1.  Cindy has learned to network so that she is prepared to meet the needs of organizations on short notice.
  2. Cindy also shared that her organization is collecting household items for those in need.
  • John Cone ED of Basca
  1. John has found that a large board is much more effective due to broad  amount of services BASCA offers. 
  2. He finds roles for his board members and by doing this his board is fulfilling its responsibilities. 
  3. He has also found that a large board has assisted with diversified funding.
  4. The larger Board network has been able to access different resources. 
  5. John shared Basca has list  of items of home depot overstocks, these items can be used for improvements at local nonprofits, not to sell.  He is looking for a warehouse.
  • Darren Dailey, Children’s Chorus
  1. Darren finds a  smaller board is easier to handle. 
  2. He has found it is best to wait to find the best person for the right job.
  3. Darren has found that he has a need to hire a full time Marketing person.
  • Libby Wilson Banks, Mercy network, volunteer Administrative Asst to Patrick Hayle
  1.  Great example of volunteer match.
  2. She saw the need to revamp a listing of local resources for the needy and now has this list live online.
  • Jeannie Gallina development director The Way
  1. Jeannie has learned bring the story home to solicit funds for the organization.
  2. She has reshaped the solicitation letter for the clinic.
  3. It is about “How to sell ourselves in that elevator speech, tell the story.” 
  • Willie Lees,YMCA
  1. Willie has learned that  community collaborations can be a great opportunity to grow your organization. 
  2. Gave the example of working with the marketing director at The Thrasher  and brought together a gallery of art work from the disabled at The Y.
  • Nyree Bowen, Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  1. Nyree said her biggest need is volunteers and found the  best public relations, tell a story to John Cantrell.
  • Wendy Ungaro, Community Hospice
  1. Wendy learned at the IMPROV session to think how her audience thinks and has used this to encourage prospects to make a plan. 
  2. The IMPROV session helped her to improve dialogue and  learn how people think, rationalize and make decisions.
  3. Wendy announced about Community Hospice offering Hope for the Holidays, to help people get through the holidays and deal with grief.

New Business:

  • Bobbie suggested that we have a column in Clay Today….she will talk to John Cantrell about the opportunity.
    • Beth said she and the Shaping Clay Steering Committee will work toward incrementally implementing new ideas.
    • The steering committee will be meeting in January to formulate plans for the New Year.
    • Jennifer challenged us to use Shaping Clay as a resource
      • make it a weekly task to visit the website ( and please find & like us on Facebook!!
        • You can post your news on our FB page
        • At our website, you can add your organization to the Reinhold directory and your events to their calendar!!

Patrick Hayle  Member spot light

      • Patrick said it is an honor to work with Mercy network.
      • The Mercy Network started in 2004 to bring non-profit service agency’s together to prevent duplications of services.
      •  Mercy is a clearing house for people accessing services, allowing people to get all of their needs met.
      • Mercy Support Services is the 501c3 org that runs Mercy Network.
      • 1st phase for Mercy was setting up a call center.  They also have helped people who are staying in extended stay hotels to transition into group homes. They are working with them to get to a level of self-sufficiency. 
        • He also developed a resource tool that identifies all of the services available to Clay County residents
      • 2nd Phase (currently working on this phase) – work towards self-sufficiency for the clients of Mercy. 
        • Mercy is trying to identify obstacles that are in the way of these people that they cannot sustain a job, home, give them life skills and discipline to be productive members of the community. 
        • Crisis skill management is provided by Clay Behavioral.
      • Mercy is training their case managers to identify what the true need of the individual, then sign a self-sufficiency agreement. 
      • They will keep the client accountable to their agreement.
      • Once the person has been self-sufficient, we are looking to them to come back to form an alumni group and a final graduation.

The Member spotlight for January will be Basca!

January 25th meeting topic TBD

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Have a fantastic Holiday season!!
Beth Eifert
Coordinator, Shaping Clay Helping Professionals’ Group
Shaping Clay mission:
Shaping Clay exists to provide Clay County-focused, non-profit champions amazing educational opportunities, supply stellar networking experiences, and offer synergistic partnership possibilities to help local charities improve, grow, and thrive, thereby enhancing the lives of those served in our community.