June 2012 Meeting Notes

Minutes Shaping Clay 6.29.12

The topic was “a group discussion on lessons learned and applied from our most recent meetings on Technology, Volunteer Management, and Marketing and Social Media.”  Kim Govan, Director of Membership and Programs with the Nonprofit Center facilitated, and there was a lot of learning as all 27 attendees shared their experiences in small groups.  The notes contain the highlights.

The attendees made introductions around the room.
Kim Govan, NonprofitCenter of NortheastFlorida
Leah Case, NonprofitCenter of NortheastFlorida
Lisa Leiby, Clay County Literacy Coalition
Sandra Staudt-Killea, Waste Not Want Not
Linda Scaz, Haven Hospice
F. Buck Doyle, Masonic Lodge, Child ID Program
Ron George, Florida Youth Challenge, Camp Blanding
Terry Carkhuff, CCSO Pipes and Drums
Ernie Brown, Marine Corp League
Herb Steigelman, MilitaryMuseum of NorthFlorida
Art Tenney, CCSO Pipes and Drums
Rob Borom, Habijax Restore
Wendy Ungaro, Community Hospice
Janey Fox, Quigley House
Lisa Thwing, Mind your Meds
Michael Connell, Big Brothers
Jennifer Connell, The Self Movement
Andre VanHeerden, Mercy Network
Steve Mountain, Early Learning Coalition
Jerel Williams,St. Johns Housing Partnership
Monika P. Kroll, The Way Free Medical Clinic
Willie Lees, YMCA
Catrine Fredrikson,  Rotary of Orange Park/concert on the green/boy scouts
Amy Parker, Reinhold Foundation

Today’s topic was  a group discussion on lessons learned and applied from our most recent meetings on Technology, Volunteer Management, and Marketing and Social Media.

Catrine gave an example to get the conversations started before we broke into three groups.

Catrine talked about  marketing she has done since the last meeting. She promoted the Tennis 4 Cancer event on June 23-24. She said promoting it on Facebook was a big success including posting photos she took from the event and added to Facebook so players could tag themselves and share with their friends. This will help with ongoing promotion of the cause and future events.

We broke out into three smaller groups for discussions (about 20 minutes) then reconvened and a spokesperson from each group shared their group’s discussions. Each group covered one topic. The Three topics and the discussions follow below.

Volunteer Management

Lisa Leiby shared this group’s discussions. Nonprofits would not exist without volunteers. It is important to remind your volunteers how crucial they are to your organization and mission. Make sure they are volunteering in the right way for them—in a way that makes them feel special and that makes them the most productive for you whether that is as a board member or service volunteer or other. Intake applications of new volunteers and periodic surveys of current volunteers helps to remind the organization and the volunteer what is important to each and helps to keep ideas fresh and everyone working toward the mission.

Making technology Work for Us

Jerel Williams shared this group’s discussions. Jerel used a recent success story from St. Johns Housing Partnership to illustrate lessons learned from past meetings. They had a WWII Vet who was living in dilapidated housing. They needed to raise $5,000 to change this Vet’s housing conditions. They started by making a 2 minute video, posting it on YouTube and then linking it to their Facebook page. They used hootsuite to publish it to multiple social media sites. A private business saw the video and said they would match $2,500 raised. A church raised funds and the $5,000 goal was met. SJHP created a public service announcement and the information was published in Clay Today.

Social Media Marketing

Ron George shared this group’s discussions.

Facebook– aside from posting on your organization’s page, remember to post on other Facebook pages where appropriate. For example, First Coast News has a Facebook page and you can share your organization’s information there. Remember to keep it short and concise and use a link back to your website for more information. Also, regarding First Coast News and other media sources, email them information about your organization. Provide them a short copy and a long copy. Let them know you are available for interview or more information any time they are looking to feature a nonprofit story. (When news gets slow they like to use “feel-good” stories and if you have already provided them with your organization’s information you will be one step closer to being one of those highlights.) Also, don’t hesitate to contact the media whenever you think you can tie your organization to a big news event. Sandra of Waste Not gave the example of the firefighters fighting the wildfires and how Waste Not was recognized for their part in helping to feed the firefighters. http://jacksonville.com/entertainment/food-and-dining/2012-01-19/story/volunteers-first-coast-nonprofit-help-rescue-food#.TyLxGGBl-SE.wordpress

Shutterfly.com is a free site to store and share pictures.

Pinterest.com is a free bulletin board site for organizing and sharing information

Mailchimp.com is a free email service (like Constant Contact).

Hootsuite.com is free and allows you to make one post that will go to all of your social media sights.

Wegive.org is a free tool courtesy of theNonprofitCenterwhere you can post your fundraising projects/needs.

Remember to use your phone voicemail greeting as a means to point people toward your website or to let them know about an event you have coming up.

Andre reminded everyone that if you are not on the Mercy Network mailing list you can email him at andre(at)themercynetwork.org. They have an email list of about 500 contacts. You can send him any nonprofit event or service flyers and he can add them to the Mercy Network email that goes out once a month.

Amy and Catrine reminded the group to use the ShapingClay.org site and to join Shaping Clay on Facebook. You can also post your organization’s Facebook info on the Shaping Clay Facebook page and then everyone from Shaping Clay can go and find your organization easily on Facebook to “like” your organization.

Kim closed the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.

Next Meeting

There is no meeting in July due to summer break and vacations. The next meeting is August 24th at the Clay County Chamber at 8:30.  Our August topic will be an experiment in collaboration as we bring our collective ideas together to help a local nonprofit grow and develop.

Please remember to pay $5 for the meeting and remember to RSVP at ShapingClay.org for the meeting.  We want to be able to configure the room to accommodate all members at the meeting.