May 2012 Meeting Notes

Minutes Shaping Clay 5.23.12

Beth opened the meeting welcoming all members.

Please remember to pay $5 for the meeting

Remember to RSVP on the Shaping Clay website for the meeting.  We want to be able to configure the room to accommodate all members at the meeting.

Beth Eiffert, Thrasher Horne Center for the Performing Arts
Christy Fitzgerald, The Way Free Medical Clinic
Lee Sackett, CJ Aces Animal Rescue Ranch
Ernie Cohen, Community Hospice
Lisa Leiby, Clay County Literacy Coalition
Sandra Staudt Killea, Waste Not Want Not
Andre VanHeerden, Mercy Network
Wendy Ungaro – Community Hospice
Cindy Petrelli, Military Museum
Ernie Brown – Marine Corp League
Jeannie Gallina– The Way Free Medical Clinic
Lynette Brown – SJHP/WAP
Bobby Nagle – CJ acres
Lori Butler – Art Enrichment Program of Clay County
Charles Darby – Military Museum of North Florida
Catrine Fredrikson – Rotary/concert on the green/boy scouts
Amy Parker –Reinhold Foundation
Cindy Pontrelli – Military Museum of North Florida
Steve Mountain – Early Learning Coalition
Jerel Williams – St. Johns Housing Partnership
Michael Connell– Big Brothers
Dee Talty
Art Tenney,  CCSO Pipes and Drums
Monika Gonzalez – The Way Clinic
Lauren Hoffman – Concert on The Green
Darren Dailey – Children’s Chorus
Janey Fox – Quigley House
Paula Kirk – Worksource mobile access team
Standralyn Terry– Self movement
Parveen Hughes – Young Life
Theresa Crockett- Challenge Enterprises
Nyree Bowen – Big Brothers Big Sisters
Pamela Willoughby – Americare
Lisa Montgomery – Clay Literacy
S. Romeo, CCSO Pipes and Drums
Terry Carkhuff, CCSO Pipes and Drums
Linda Scaz, Haven Hospice
Vernon Nolan – Masonic Lodge, Child ID Program
Ron George – Florida Youth Challenge, Camp Blanding
Robin Cowen – Common Space at Quigley
Suggs – Angel Advocacy Care Network
Lisa Thwing

Speakers Panel

Bobbie Nagel, Web Designer   John Cantrel, The Clay Today John Thrasher, C&H Printing, Lee Sackett wearing his Carpe Diem Hat

Beth started off the group with all the info on the group and our history.

Lee Sackett – advertising agency for last 15 years, in marketing for 25 years Carpe Diem top 25 in Jax, strategic planning for the marketing

Julie Watkins reporter with fox 30 cbs 47, is having issues with traffic and will be unable to attend.

John Thrasher, C&H Printing – 12 years, open for 15 years, 20 years ago ran the press, specialize in marketing collateral

Bobbie Nagel – Unicorn website development put up a page for one event, anything to do with the internet, social media

Jon Cantrel – publisher Clay Today and Clay Leader, in the business for 25 years, forte is marketing side of the press

Part of what marketing does is create awareness and generates interest.  Interest in volunteering and supporting your organization is a very important component of an organization.

In your opinion, what is the one thing that the average non-profit should be doing that they most likely are not doing to create awareness?  They don’t advertise that they have a web site, you need to let people know that you are on the web, put your website address on everything, business cards, brochures, letterhead, bags, receipts

John Thrasher – Constant communication is important,- newsletter message out to targeted audience, keep your message out in front of the public.  Have a clear message to the targeted audience

Jon Cantrel – Get involved in the community, go to other events, give out business cards, interact. Greg Walsh,, can get you free advertising.  Just email him and he will be able to put articles about your non-profit events in the paper.

Repetition is very important,  you must touch a person 3 – 6 times before it begins to register.

Literacy coalition – how do you reach illiterate people to get your message across?  A lot of newspapers have programs, newspaper in education, program to buy papers for the illiterate to help them learn to read. 

Lee Sackett –  Profiling your audience helps you to target the media you need to use

Are there non-profits that are known for doing marketing well?  CJ Acres does a great job, big push is social media, cj does it well.  Target your audience, use your email list, Darren Daily uses his email list to champion his own events but also targets other events that tie into his events.

Quigley House, The Way clinic, The Restore…the ones that get it that actually have a budget to make it happen, need to do it regularly

Bobbie, are there ways to improve being picked up on a search engine?  It changes from week to week, make sure that web site is optimized for your key issue.  Build the web site to the key word that would make your web site, not necessarily what your page says it is what is in the coding.  Has to be rich on the front page, it is about the writing.  Google, beam and yahoo are the major players but have different rules. A web designer’s value is in how they can have your page picked up on the search engines

Jon Cantrel, what makes you decide what story to publish? The size of the paper is based on advertising. Article placement is up to the editor; remember news stories- high school sports, obits, news will have first priority. Message to non-profit org, don’t count on the free item being in the paper, if you need it to be in the paper you need to buy it.    Get a decent picture, helps to get the article in the paper.

Lee – one thing that we found helps, ask if it is unique or interesting, then you will get free advertising, focus your energies on something wow.

Should you publish on your Facebook pages only activities of other non profits related to yours?  Facebook is about expanding who sees your message, relevant to the people I am targeting, share information even if it is a competitor, you want the same courtesy back, find five people on your Facebook list that will automatically hit the share button every time you post. You can use Facebook to invite friends to your events, and share. Volunteers are required to post one thing on Facebook.  You can share without making a comment. Share with Clay Today Facebook page, post on Clay today’s page your events.  Other organizations, Shaping Clay Facebook, post on Clay County Chamber of Commerce page, post, post post.  Facebook may replace email at some point. You can send personal messages to people. Pinterest may be a good place to share what is going on with your organizations, pin articles, pictures..

Corporate partnerships – Linkedin, every business person is a consumer, has helped to get corporate partnerships.  Just try it

John T – It seems that printing costs have increased, how can we capitalize on it?

Costs have decreased, print is not dead, business card, still need it. Partner with someone that may help you incur the cost. Cost effective use less color, digital print is very cost effective. Print on back side of business card.

John Cantrel, can have insert printed to put in paper, can do a half sheet, $44 a thousand, usually a little more expensive than just an ad. Can overprint at $50 for a 1000, Peg Otey handles this.

Top 3 items to invest in – business cards, brochure should have message, direct mail, post cards newsletters to report on the organization

Make sure you target the person you are reach, who are you trying to reach and you need to use the media that will reach that person.

What is the best way to get events advertised without an advertising budget?  Social Media, need to have a system to get things out, assign someone to do that .  Who what where and why……make sure you have that in the link. Put it in the community calendar.  Media relations, get to know Greg Walsh at the Clay Today…..invite him to your event.

Make sure that you think about a marketing plan, need to schedule what you are doing, what is in it for the media to pick this up article.

Next month roundtable to discuss success from the meetings

Sign in sheet, $5 donation, covers private room and cost of refreshments

Member spotlight – given the opportunity to talk 5 – 7 minutes to share what you do

Mercy Network is our partner, rubber hits the road people in need blessed with a new facility, grand opening, case workers find care they need.  June 7, 4 – 7 pm. 

August Meeting  how to leverage our gifts, our talents, our networks, in collaboration.

Next meeting – June 29th meet at chamber, shaping need to rsvp

Member spotlight for June is Robin Cowan