March 2012 Meeting Notes

Minutes Shaping Clay 3.30.12
Beth opened the meeting welcoming all members.

Please remember to pay $5 for the meeting.
Remember to RSVP on the Shaping Clay website for the meeting.  We want to be able to configure the room to accommodate all members at the meeting. 

Click here to view and download copy of today’s Program Presentation by Christy Fitzgerald, Executive Director, The Way Free Medical Clinic and Lee Sackett, Lead Mare, CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm

How to Round em up and Keep em Returning to the Barn
Volunteer Recruitment
Be a social butterfly
Use social media, Facebook twitter and linked in post for volunteer experiences (need), get people to love your “brand”, know your brand, Lee sells out his spots 
Birds of a feather flock together 
50% of volunteers come from existing volunteer referrals. Employers often have volunteer programs where they want to highlight their businesses philanthropy and will send a whole crew for a day.  Use your own suppliers and find if they have this type of program. Schools, colleges and universities have certain requirements need volunteer hours. 
Check out volunteer interest, go to where they hang out and look for them.  Check your current volunteers’ interest, are they all vegans; and then head to the nearest health food store to post the need for volunteers. 
Judicial systems may be another area to find people that need community service hours.
Crow your Opportunities 
Broadcast what you do. Use free media.  Clay Today and Neighbor to Neighbor allow you to submit items for their community calendars and to submit articles and photos for publication. Use your brochures, websites, emails and business cards to highlight volunteer opportunities. Use the back side of your business card to tell about volunteer positions available. 
Point out the Greener Grass
Explore a candidate’s interest. Tie the task they are working on to the greater good in the community, when explaining the need for volunteers, show how other volunteers have made a difference with their accomplishments.
All Animals are Created Equal 
Profile your best volunteers, and look for that in other volunteers, find the common demographic geographic, psychographic and search for others with the same traits.
Invite New Herd Members Trial Opportunity vs. Ongoing Commitment
Use the test sessions to place volunteers in long term commitment positions.
Promote strong passionate volunteers upward.
Now that they’re in the barn, what do you do?
Have an application to gather info & grow database. 
You may not have a need for a certain volunteers skill set at this time, but you may have a need for their skills in the future.
Volunteer Packet
Have a volunteer packet that contains the following.  This allows your volunteers to learn about your organization but also understand the inner workings of your organization.
 Contact info/org chart
 Volunteer Policy and Procedures
 Job descriptions – Make sure job description accurately describes what you would like that person to do.
 Board of directors
 Whistle blower policy
Take them for a ‘test drive
Make sure their values match your mission and the jobs you have available.
Have them shadow another seasoned volunteer for a few hours.  Get feedback from the seasoned volunteer on how they think the newbie will fit into your organization…
On The Job Training vs. Real training
Real training = happy, knowledgeable, and secure volunteer
Training helps them feel comfortable, more likely to return Have ‘staff meetings’ with volunteers at least once a month to know what whole team is doing & share best practices.
  *learned all of this through the Reinhold training!

Workplace Culture/Appearance
Conscious of clean, organized, serene, happy work space.
Besides doing great things for clients, volunteers are doing something for their own soul. Make sure volunteers respect each other.
Make sure volunteers working well together (i.e., communicating, getting along, etc.)
Need to observe, guide, re-direct volunteers.
Sometimes it is necessary to ‘bless and release’ (you may have to fire a disruptive volunteer).
Random – unplanned; give an unexpected card or gift during staff meeting
Planned – one big planned event/year = appreciation dinner; gifts for everyone from drawing;  board helps to generate gifts.
Acknowledge Strengths – nominate for different awards (i.e., “Super Senior, Council on Aging”)
Reviews – sit with each volunteer to review strengths and opportunities
Public – use media to broadcast volunteer accomplishments
Have suggestion boxes, blessings jars to share ideas 
Nametags – creates a sense of family
“Cause bands” – second time someone returns to CJ Acres, they get a bracelet (each emblazoned with different title: “Stallion,” etc.  
Create a sense of community
Look for national campaigns to acknowledge volunteers (e.g., “National Nurses Day).  Put an ad in paper, frame for
Facebook, engage them away from the facility, 
Create a venue for people to come back, workshops, volunteer appreciation, thanking a million times
Last point, volunteers may respond to a special project, be in charge of one thing, an event that has a beginning and end

Today’s Attendees
Beth Eiffert, Thrasher Horne Center for the Performing Arts
 Nancy Knight, Hands on Jacksonville
Christy Fitzgerald, The Way Free Medical Clinic
Jennifer Connell, the Self Movement 
Lee Sackett, CJ Aces
Yancy Wright, Habitat for Humanity
Ernie Cohen, Community Hospice
Steve Mountain, Early Learning Coalition
Lisa Leiby, Literacy Coalition
Sandra Staudt Killea, Waste Not Want Not
Andre VanHeerden, Mercy Network
Ron George, FL Youth Challenge
Amy Parker, Reinhold Foundation
Dee Taltey, Animal Rescue Movement
Rob Borem, – Habijax Restore
Wendy Ungaro – Community Hospice
Cindy Petrelli, Military Museum
Kim Govan, Non-profit Center
Ernie Brown – Marine Corp League
Jennifer Connell – moving forward we would implement a member spotlight opportunity.  One organization would have 5-7 minutes to explain their mission, what they do and how they can use assistance. Please bring flyers or any other marketing materials.    Jennifer has a prompt sheet to assist in speaking for 5 – 7 minutes. The spot light speaker will be highlighted on the Shaping Clay website.  
Cindy Petrelli was chosen as the highlight person for April. – Military museum, please send a bio and what you would like to promote

Around the Room
Hands on Jacksonville –reminds you to sign up on line for their Human Race and Celebrate Good events. Celebrate Good event celebrates volunteers from other groups, 16 – 18 people honored, networking opportunity 4/18 5pm, in seats by 6pm $25.  Cocktails  The human race – 5k walk run raise money for the walk run, goes back to you. Let us know that you are interested, ½ of registration fee to your organization. Oct 13 at Town Center. 8am Free orientation.  
Ernie Cohen has a community room that we may use when their facility is up and running
Dee Talty – Have booth opportunities to have a booth for free, party dogs on spring break 4/15/12
Clay County Literacy coalition is in the school house at the Florida village at the fair this week.
Mercy is hosting spring outreach with Pinewood Presbyterian 4/14 10-3pm, you are welcome to have a booth.
Caregiver expo, Hyatt regency, 4/21 9-3 volunteers
Amy Parker, Reinhold – alumni breakfast Tuesday, you may bring flyers for upcoming events
Mercy network office will be opening on Wed phase one – tour on April 19 see the new facility 5-7, Thursday 1540 Business Center Drive, suite c Fleming Island referral center for people with needs.
The Way won at $20,000 grant from Komen for underserved women’s mammograms
Our next meeting is on April 27.