February 2012 Meeting Notes

Minutes Shaping Clay 2.24.11

Beth opened the meeting welcoming all members, saying how much she missed us.

Catrine Fredrickson brought the goodies; please remember to donate $5.

Remember to RSVP on the Shaping Clay website for the meeting.  We want to be able to configure the room to accommodate all members at the meeting.


Amy Parker, Reinhold Foundation
Catrine Fredrickson, Concert on The Green, Rotary Club forFlemingIsland, website
Rod Borom, Habijax ReStore
Lisa Leiby, Clay County Literacy Coalition needs tutors
Delores Wise, Navy Marine Corp Relief Society,
Lori Butler, Art Enrichment
Ron George, FL Youth Foundation atCampBlanding
Nancy Knight, Hands onJacksonville
Yancy Wright, Clay County Habitat (sorry I misspelled your name last month L )
Evelyn Tutein, F T Pack (Foundation of thePersonalEmpowermentCenter), transitional house, manage group homes inClayCounty
Christy Fitzgerald, The Way Free Medical Clinic
Nyree Bowen, Big Brothers Big
Kim Govan, Non-ProfitCenter of NEFL.
Lee Sacket, CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm
Greg Voss, ClayCountyChamber Foundation
John Tabor, President of the Chamber
Jennifer Connell, the Self Movement
Andre Van Heerden, Mercy Network
Paul Frendahl, Mercy Network
Willie Lees, YMCA
Darren Dailey, Jacksonville Children’s Chorus
Theresa Crockett, Challenge Enterprises


Catrine Fredrickson presented “Making Technology Work For Us!”

She started out with the basics, check out your URL (universal resource locator).  She said that if you are registered as a dot org, it may also be advantageous to purchase the dot com, so that if someone mistypes your address you can have the dot com address redirect them to the dot org address.

Catrine stressed that you know who the registrant is of your domain name.  Use GoDaddy.com to search for your domain name.  It will show who is the domain name is registered under, the address and other important info about your domain name.  You want to know who the registrant is so that you insure the domain fee is paid each year (people will buy up expired domain names and try to sell them back to the organization at a very inflated price) and if you would like to make changes in the future.  She stressed that a succession plan for your technology can be very important for an organization.

Catrine said one of the best ways to publicize your web site is to use your domain name as your email address.  She also suggested having generic email addresses, such as president@your-organization.org or info@your-organzation.org, so that web searchers will have an easy time locating the correct person in your organization.    The best email to use for business is firstname.lastname@your-organization.org.

The next topic was using a bulk email service.  Organizations should use a bulk email service so that when they are sending out e-newsletters, e-blasts and the like that so they do not get blacklisted.  If a server blacklists your email address, all of your email will go to spam.  It is very difficult to get an email addressed un-blacklisted.

A few sites that she recommended:

  • Constant Contact 10.50 per month for 500 email addresses, they guarantee your email will not be blacklisted.
  • Mailchimp.com, free for 2000 contacts
  • Campaigner.com is another site.

When looking at sites it is important to know the number of emails you send out and the number of contacts on your list.  This will determine the cost of the service that you choose.  Each of these sites will help you manage your bulk email.

Beth and Catrine demonstrated a great way to take payments via your smart phone.  She plugged a device into her phone, swiped Beth’s credit card, punched in the amount of purchase and Beth signed with her finger on the screen of the phone, transaction complete.

Catrine is using intuit.gopayment for this service.  The device is free, it cost 2.7% per swipe.  There are other applications, so check out which one works best for your organization.

Catrine reminded us that we need to back up, back up, and back up!!!!  You can back up to a thumb drive or an external hard drive and remove it from the organizations site in case of a natural disaster, theft  or damage to the building at least once a month. Or you can use a cloud based program to back up your computers.  Catrine uses Crashplan for her cloud based back up service.  It costs $110 per year for 5 computers her family uses.

Fantastic information, due to time constraints, Catrine will go over social media at a future meeting.

2 minute updates from around the room

Ron George stated the fishing tournament has been cancelled due to lack of water in the lakes.  He did say that they will be participating in a St. Patty’s day parade inSt. Augustine on 3/17 with a float.

Jennifer Connell is looking for individuals that would be willing to speak on leadership to teens.  The teens that participate in these leadership workshops earn $’s for scholarships.  She needs speakers for 30minute slots.

Theresa Crockett reminded us that Challenge Enterprises has a professional document destruction program, ShredForGood.  Go to shredforgood.org for locations and times of services.

Delores Wise, Navy Relief, said that they are always looking for financial counselors.  Navy Relief also offers 0% loans for service members.

Lee Sackett, CJ Acres is having a free tour day of the farm on Sunday 3/25.  Let Lee know if you would like to attend. On 4/14, CJ Acres is having their annual Wine and Swine Gala.  Tickets are $35 and go on sale 3/1.  This event usually sells out in two to three days, so shop early.

Kim Govan offered 3 events at the non-profit center

  • 4/4 Best Practices of Hiring and Firing presented by Rogers Towers Law Firm
  • 4/26 Board Governance by Chuck Loring
  • 4/27 Mini board retreat by Chuck Loring

Sign up at the non-profit center website.

Evelyn Tutein, F T Pak, said that they need linens (sheets, pillows and towels) they are also in need of canned goods.  You may drop items at Orange Cove 7thDayAdventistChurch onFlemingIsland.  They also could use canned goods.

Amy Parker, Reinhold Foundation, said that the Alumnae Breakfast for Reinhold leadership training participants will be on 4/3 at 8:15 at the Thrasher Horne.  The guest speaker will be Sherry McGill, president of the Jessie Ball DuPont Fund.  All members of Shaping Clay are welcome to attend the event.

Nyree Bowen, Big Brothers and Big Sisters in need of volunteers, especially men.  The minimum commitment is 1 hour a week.

Willie Lees, YMCA gave a plug for Chuck Loring, highly recommends going to the class.  Willie is looking for sponsors for campers at Camp Cadet, the camp meets the 3rd week of June and the cost is $250 per student.  The Y is having a health fair at their Fleming Island Branch Sat, 10-2.

Paul Frendahl, Mercy Network said that he will be having a concert to raise funds for Mercy in late June

Andre` VanHeerden, Mercy Network, stated that the offices on Fleming Island will be open the first week of March.  Mercy is still in need of office furniture, computers, a phone system and carpeting.  Mercy Network meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month, 10am at The Salvation Army.  The Spring outreach for the homeless will be at Pinewood Presbyterian church on 4/14 from 10-3.

Lori Butler with art enrichment needs volunteers to share art in the classroom.  On 3/14¸10am, Lori will give a class on the Salvador Dali and Marty Shinlin exhibits at the gallery in the Thrasher Horne Center.

Lisa Leiby, Literacy Coalition, will have tutor training on 3/3.  She will also be offering a Health Literacy program at The Way.

Darren Dailey, Jacksonville Children’s Chorus, recently added a young men’s group to their ensembles.  He also passed out handouts with upcoming concerts, the most exciting event is the Children’s Chorus is going toIreland to perform in June.

Catrine Fredrickson, Concert on The Green, COG is at Magnolia Point this year on Sunday 5/27.  Patron packages are available!  The event is hosted by the Fleming Island Rotary.

Whew……that’s all folks

Next meeting is March 30th at the Chamber, 8:30.

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