January 2012 Meeting Notes

Minutes Shaping Clay 1.27.11

Jennifer Connell opened the mtg.  Beth regrets she cannot be here for the meeting.

Catrine Fredrickson brought the goodies; please remember to donate $5.

Remember to RSVP on the Shaping Clay website for the meeting.  We want to be able to configure the room to accommodate all members at the meeting.

Amy Parker, Reinhold Foundation
Catrine Fredrickson, Concert on The Green, Rotary Club for Fleming Island, website
Margie Thomas, Compass Bank, non profit
Karen Wetzel, Community in Schools of NE FL, Boot BBQ and Bubbly fundraiser, volunteer at Waste Not Want Not, GCS Food Bank
Rod Borom, Habijax ReStore
Lisa Leiby, Clay County Literacy Coalition needs tutors
Delores Wise, Navy Marine Corp Relief Society,
Lori Butler, Art Enrichment
Ron George, FL Youth Foundation at Camp Blanding, Bass Tournament coming up and needs vendors. NP’s can sell anything they want at the event. Need donations for prizes.
Nancy Knight, Hands on Jacksonville
Debra Schroth, (Debra was chosen to give a more in depth description of her organizations) Animal Rescue Movement, Slow Food First Coast Arm The Animal Rescue Movement has been in existence for 12-14 years and is a very small shelter.  Jeannie Dixon is the founder of the 8 acre facility in Middleburg that rescues unwanted and abused animals.  The current board needs training on being board members and is having some organizational struggles. The shelter takes in animals that are on “Death Row” at Clay County Animal Care and Control. The shelter has a small medical building to give care.  The shelter now has available funds to send all animals out to be spayed.  All animals are up for adoption.  They need people for shelter and adoption events, administrative duties and animal care duties. They receive modular classrooms from school board and use these buildings for shelter and administrative purposes.  Slow Food Movement, grew out of Italy and became popular in the US 8 years ago.  Primary mission is to educate children on gardens as a means of providing food. They give grants to elementary schools to install a school garden on the property. 
Nancy Wright, Clay County Habitat
Evelyn Tutein, F T Pack (Foundation of the Personal Empowerment Center), transitional house, manage group homes in Clay County
Christy Fitzgerald, The Way Free Medical Clinic
Sandra Staudt Killea, Waste Not Want Not
Nyree Bowen, Big Brothers Big Sisters They just received grant to serve military children whose parents have been called away on active duty. She is looking for contact with family support at NAS JAX Needs Bigs, have 30 kids on wait list.
Leah Donelan, Non-Profit Center of NE FL.
Lee Sacket, CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm, needs manure management J
LeeAnn Rassler, Clay County Chamber Foundation
John Tabor, President of the Chamber, needs community service opportunities for Fleming Island HS Students, jtabor1(at)comcast.net  (email John if you have opportunities).
Jennifer Connell, the Self Movement has a Feb 8 press Conference@ Duval Sheriff’s office to unveil a new project video contest for Duval County High School teens to produce a video on teen safe driving; all 19 public schools in Clay are also participating.  Jennifer is also on the board of Challenge Enterprises

Jennifer did a fantastic job keeping the group entertained whole The Chamber worked on tech issues with the wi fi system.  John Tabor hoped to have upgrades in place by our next meeting.


Amy Parker, Reinhold Foundation, Celebrate Clay, Reinhold Leadership Initiatives – please visit www.reinhold.net  for more information.

Celebrate Clay Community Service Awards Program, recognizes and rewards outstanding community service in Clay County. The applicant must provide services in Clay County, applications are due by 2/17; applications are on line. Five community service judges do the voting. The awards are based on your accomplishments last year, 2011. When you write the application, tell a story, picture the judges reading 90+ apps, a story give the judge a better picture of what you are doing.

Reinhold has a Directory of Services on the web site; make sure that your non-profit is on this website, you can add service hours and information about your non-profit through the self-edit feature of the website. You may also add your non-profit if you are not on the directory.

Nonprofit events calendar is a brand new feature on the website; it is for non-profit events only. All non-profits may self-input an event.  You may also link to your website from this page.

The best way is to use the site is to promote non-profits in Clay County.  It is for the nonprofits, Amy wants to make it better, let her know if you have any suggestions for improvements.  Please link this site on your Facebook pages, web sites and newsletters to drive traffic to the site.

News Blog is a great feature on this site.  You may post flyers and send news to the news blog. Again, this is just one more way to give exposure to the non-profits.

http://www.ShapingClay.org is our own website. On this site you will find meeting notes, Polls (meeting topics), constant contact email newsletters, RSVP for meetings and meeting information.  You will also find links to the Shaping Clay Facebook page and links to the Reinhold website.

Technology Talks

  • 1.        What is your online presence? These are a few areas where non-profits have the opportunity to have an on-line presence.

E-Newsletter or is it on Blog, archive
RSS Feed
Social Media
Linked in

  • 2.       How are you driving traffic to your site?

A great hint was to have your website mentioned in your voice mail check message to check out your website when you are unavailable.
Word of mouth
Make sure it is on all of your printed material
Make sure your email address includes your website
Search engine optimization (At the basic level, add meta tags to your website or if you are using WordPress to power your website you can add the all-in-one SEO pak plugin) – Catrine will talk more about this at the next meeting
Google places and Bing business portal maps – http://www.google.com/places you set yourself up for free
Bing.com/businessportal to add photos, website, and descriptions of your non-profit
Social Media – Amy suggested using http://www.Hootsuite.com, to link all of your social media.  One post on Hootsuite and you can populate your Facebook page, blog, twitter and LinkedIn accounts

  • 3.       How are you monitoring traffic to your website and visitor behavior?

Google analytics is great way to monitor. Go to www.Google.com/analytics to get the free code and have your web master load it on your website.

Nonprofit Center of NE FL, Leah Donelan was here to present new initiatives.
Working on an initiative to help the sector to collaborate with each other.
Creating a map that graphs where all the nonprofits reside
Each non-profit has links to the 990 that is filed. Anyone can create an account. Each NP can go on the site and update your information.
Legislative districts will be added
Also available a resource page for non-profits – think craigslist for non-profits
Check out your website, send Leah updates.
The address for this site will be changing in the next few weeks to a simpler www. address.
Catrine asked what we would like to learn  more about – search engine optimization and linking all social media sites, social media overall.

Jennifer thanks Amy and Leah for a fantastic presentation.  Jennifer then asked each of them, what two things should the NP’s in the room focus on in the next few weeks to improve their on-line presence? 

Amy’s response:

  • 1.       Organization website
  • 2.       Business page on Facebook

Leah’s response:

  • 1.       Make sure your call actions on your website are easy to find; i.e. your donate and contact  info
  • 2.       Go to Google places and Bing portal to update your information.

Jennifer asked that as a group we visit shaping clay.org; browse around and go the polls – give feedback on where you would like Shaping Clay to meet your needs.

Leah reminded us that Wegive.org is a good place to post your organizations’ needs for donations.my will put a checklist of items on the news feed of the shapingclay.org website and items to help you become more focused on your web.

Next meeting is Feb 24th at the Chamber, 8:30.

 Adjourned at 10:00 am

How much technology is your nonprofit using?

We invite you to take our poll (only two short questions) and let us know how much technology your nonprofit is actively using. We also welcome your conversations about this topic in the comments section below this poll posted on our website. And, if you are looking for a great online resource, check out The Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide by idealware.org. Thanks for participating in the Shaping Clay poll below!