Nov/Dec Holiday Meeting Notes

We used play dough today!  Yes, I said play dough.  To learn more, keep reading…

WHO WAS THERE: Beth Eifert – Thrasher Horne; Teresa Crockett – Challenge Enterprises; Lisa Leiby – Clay Literacy Coalition; Jennifer Connell – Self Movement; Lee Sackett – CJ Acres Animal Farm; Christy Fitzgerald – The Way Free Medical Clinic; Andre` Van Heerden – Mercy Support Services; Ron George – Florida Youth Challenge Foundation; Rena Coughlin – Non Profit Center of NE FL; Amy Parker – Reinhold Foundation; Kim Govan – Non Profit Center of NE FL; Nyree Bowne – Big Brothers and Big Sisters of NEFL; Tracy Johnston – Take Stock in Children; John Tabor – Pres/CEO Clay Chamber of Commerce; Kim Robinson – NE FL Camp Cadet

Beth gave the intro and gave some background info on Shaping Clay.  Today’s meeting’s purpose is to create a shared vision and next steps for Shaping Clay.

Beth then led the group through an exercise using play dough….yes I said play dough J.  Beth asked us to use our play dough to make an image of what we believed Shaping Clay represents to the participants.  This is what the group brings home from Shaping Clay; learning, conversation, strength, magnetic connections, reflecting, unique bridges, growth, love, community, education, sharing, happiness, pizza (you had to be there), North Star, networking and influencing.

A group of the members met to divide Beth’s duties into a few categories.  Beth is now working full time at Apple and the group felt that some of her duties could be shared;  so  if Beth cannot be with the group, the group will still function.

Location: Catrine Fredrickson is heading this group.  Andre` stated Mercy Services could accommodate a group of up to 15 people, John Tabor offered the meeting room at the Chamber; up to 35 people, Ron offered the Middleburg Lodge 65 people and 60 people at Camp Blanding.  By consensus, the group chose the Chamber meeting room, where we will have our meeting in January.

Note Taking: Christy Fitzgerald is heading this group.  She would love to have team members to take this on if she cannot be at a meeting.  It was suggested that there be a template for notes!

Web Site Management:  Amy Parker is managing this for the group.  She will make the Shaping Clay website ( interactive for the members.  It will be a tool that members can use to post needs and events, meeting topics, rsvp for meetings.  Minutes will be posted on the web site as well as areas for interactive conversation.

Meeting Speakers/Topics:  Jennifer Connell will manage this area. Speaker for January; Amy Parker will go over the Shaping Clay and Reinhold websites, highlighting how we can best use these sites for our non-profits.  It was suggested that we always exchange business cards at the meetings and that we have some meetings just for networking.

Marketing:  Lee Sackett is the lead mare in this area.  He will keep us informed as well as the community of our accomplishments and needs.

Rena Coughlin, ED of the Non-profit center was at the meeting to share some of her thoughts.  She is struggling with how to connect to non-Duval County non-profits and she is at the meeting to offer support for our organization.  She said, “Nothing is more important than organic energy.” What a lovely explanation of whom we are.  She offered the use of an online resource – community platform that plots all charities by zip code.  This site will have a “Craigslist” for Non-profits and an area where we can post our needs; volunteers and items.  The site is  Rena also offered to do fiscal sponsorships of the group, so that if we need to raise funds we can use the non-profit centers 501c3 status to assist us with that.


Mercy Support Services meets the 3rd Thursday at 10am.

Amy stated that applications will be available at the end of the month for the Reinhold Foundation Celebrate Clay Awards.  The date of the Celebrate Clay Awards is May 8, 2012.

Wow!   What a productive and informative meeting.

Next month:  January 27, 8:30am, Chamber meeting Room, Kingsley Ave

Amy will present about all the great websites mentioned in this note; bring your electronic devices to log on and get connected!