October 2011 Meeting Notes

What a great meeting we had last Friday!

About 18 of us welcomed Bobbi Moore of the Clay County Literacy Coalition and Mike Singleton of Fish for Life, and listened to Cindy Stewart from The Shepherd’s Center, and Lee Sackett from CJ-Acres Animal Rescue, discuss lessons learned and applied from the Reinhold Nonprofit Team Leadership Training Program. Here’s what we learned:

As a direct result of the training, Lee and his board reviewed and re-wrote their mission and vision statements. This has helped them to portray a more cohesive and compelling message to the public, volunteers, board, and donors.

Cindy & Lee’s hints on Board development: Do not underestimate the importance of having an ACTIVE board; Remember: “how the board thinks, so goes the organization”; Recruit board members based on their passion for your organization; Don’t just ‘fill’ board seats; find people who are passionate about what you do!

Once recruited, ensure expectations are clear. Some expectations might include:

1. Mandatory attendance at all board meetings

2. “Stretch” donations to show their commitment

a. This serves as a good example for volunteers and donors

b. Most grant applications expect Board members to donate as a show of commitment

3. Lead a sub-committee (e.g., fundraising, volunteers, etc.)

4. Volunteer ___ times per year at the organization

ii. Make Board members accountable

1. Lee uses a “Director Engagement Report”

2. Hold regular, 1-to-1 feedback sessions with Board members to let them know their progress and discuss their concerns.

3. If a board member does not live up to expectations, that’s okay. Find another capacity for them to serve the organization.

Lee and Cindy’s hints regarding Fundraising

a. Fundraising is a continual ‘marketing’ campaign

i. Must get word out often and much

b. Consider multiple streams of income so that not all of your proverbial eggs are in one basket

i. e.g., events, grants, patrons, online donations, bequests

c. Lee said that bequests are an often over-looked source of income

i. Marketing for bequests must be handled delicately

ii. Your organization must be able to communicate ‘permanence’ to benefactors


a. Shaping Clay Holiday Meeting, Friday, December 9th, 8:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn on Wells Road. Topic: A conversation on the progress and future of Shaping Clay. More to come!

b. Beers With The Steers, Saturday, November 12, 6-8 p.m. at CJ Acres Animal Rescue Far. Come experience an aMOOzing evening filled with wonderful beers, extraordinary appetizers, and STEERlar animal interactions! Limited to the first 75 who respond (only 25 tickets left!).

c. Angel Trees of YMCA of Florida’s First Coast. Helped 1,000 needy children locally in 2010. Are currently looking for all of our Clay community members to help by adopting a tag from the tree, purchase age and gender appropriate gifts for the child described on the tag, then wrap with a little love and creativity and return to the YMCA. Trees are located in the Barco Newton and Dye Clay branch’s lobby, after Thanksgiving, and decorated with numbered paper angel tags containing a child’s first name, age and gender. See: http://www.firstcoastymca.org.

d. Upcoming Reinhold Educational and Grant Opportunities for Novices and Alumni! See: http://reinhold.org/leadershipinitiative.php

e. Mercy Network announcements: see http://www.themercynetwork.org/The_Mercy_Network/Home.html for contact information

i. Health Department Notices

Medicare Open Enrollment: It’s time for Medicare Open Enrollment. It’s time to compare plans to make sure you have the right health and prescription drug coverage for you. Stay with your current plan if you’re happy with it. Or look for a new one with better coverage, higher quality, and lower cost. The healthcare law also provides better fraud protection for you, making Medicare stronger. • MEDICARE OFFERS a free annual wellness visit,

ii. Foundation for The Personal Empowerment Center (FTPEC) Christmas Carnival

In order to raise funds for the group homes, the transitional house and for client needs, FTPEC is holding a Christmas Carnival on December 18, 2011. For further information, call Laura Pike, Executive Director, 904-401-7153

iii. Quigley House Community Action Team Luncheon: The next Community Action Team meeting will be Monday, November 14th from 11 a.m..-1 p.m. At the Quigley House Outreach Center (Thrift Store), 1017 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park. This will be the last meeting of 2011.

iv. Clay County CROP Hunger Walk

Clay County CROP Hunger Walk will be held on Sunday, Nov. 6 at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Green Cove Springs. Registration starts at 1:30, Walk at 2:00. The purpose is to raise funds for hunger projects locally and worldwide. Church World Services uses 75% of the funds raised by walkers for U.S. and international hunger projects, to assist refugees, provide wells for drinking water, long term community development, etc. 25% of the funds are returned to Clay County and divided between The Food Pantry of GCS and The Clothes Closet Food Pantry. Contact Kathy Kleist, coordinator, at 866-1854 or kmkleist616(at)yahoo.com.

v. Martin Luther King, Jr Clay Community Day

In celebration of the 26th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Miller Street Neighborhood Renewal, Inc. will organize local government, corporations and community organizations to come together to pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. using their day off as a day on by volunteering in their communities throughout Clay County. Everyone is invited to the planning meeting held at Moosehaven, November 3, 2011 at 3pm.

vi. CFL Search and Rescue Needslist and Fundraiser for Homeless

CFL Search & Rescue need help with all kinds of food other than bread and pastries; tarps, duct tape, and sleeping bags. Car wash on Sat. Nov 5th at the Auto Zone on Blanding in Middleburg. I need cars. This money goes to supply Christmas for several families including the group home families. Our Christmas dinner and party will be on Dec. 23rd at AME St James Church unless we get a bigger place. For more information, contact me at 904-402=4901 or on Facebook or at either cflsarm(at)aol.com or purplemanatee1(at)aol.com

Peace and joy –
Beth Eifert
Coordinator, Shaping Clay Helping Professionals’ Group