June 2011 Meeting Notes

Hi everyone!

Some have said that last Friday’s meeting was the best EVER!  Lee Sackett shared extremely valuable insights and information on forming corporate partnerships.  At the table, along with 11 existing members, we welcomed five newcomers:

Doug Lane, Architect & guest of Connie Meyer
Connie Meyer, Allegro Inspired Living
Linda Scaz, Haven Hospice
Edward Guerra, Animal Rescue Movement
Don Wright, Animal Rescue Movement

Lee is currently compiling links to the corporations & initiatives listed below, and will forward them when he’s done.  In the meantime, here are the highlights:

  • Corporate partnerships help both the corporation and nonprofit.  
    • NPs derive added income, helpful products, increased exposure/credibility, and an added source of volunteers/Board members.
    • Corporations derive more positive PR, increased sales from new audience, tax deductions, greater employee pride/morale.
    • Today, such partnerships form 20% of CJ-Acres’ budget.  Two years ago, they made up only 2% of the budget.
  • The key is to target corporations that are compatible with your organization
    • make sure the corporation’s mission is compatible with your organization’s
    • stay true to your mission no matter what 
    • example: CJ-Acres Animal Rescue, whose aim is to reduce animal suffering, would not partner Steak & Shake
  • Start small
    • corporations like numbers.  It’s important that you have the time and volunteer base to support whatever effort you undertake to show the company that you’re serious.
  • Here are some corporations with which Lee and his organization have formed successful partnerships:
    • Entertainment Corporation (Entertainment Books)
      • can sell the books either virtually or in person
      • based on the number you order, they will personalize the book to your organization so it’s an added source of advertising
      • you make 50% of the profit
    • Total Wines
      • they donate product and gift cards that make great thank you’s for volunteers or donors, or great gifts for silent auctions
    • Bank ofAmerica
      • will contribute volunteers to your organization, and write you a check for the privilege!
      • they also have an employee donation-match program
      • will periodically allow nonprofits to set up a table at one of their locations to promote their organization
    • Books a Million
      • sponsors a monthly book fair during which your nonprofit can set up a table and receive 10-20% of all sales at that store, during the time your organization was there
      • they will also donate books that can be used to reward volunteers, etc…
    • Panera Bread
      • will donate excess bread if your organization could benefit from that
      • will allow you organization to set up a virtual account to sell gift cards for which Panera will give a ‘dough-nation’
      • (Sweet Tomatoes and Steak & Shake have similar programs)
    • Carmike Cinemas
      • during special premiers, may sponsor your organization, donating a portion of the proceeds from that night’s event 
      • Note: this event may only be offered to NPs that belong to the Chamber.  You’d need to check.
    • Disney Parks
      • donate tickets and special opportunities that could be used to thank volunteers & donors
    • Virtual (passive) fundraisers:
      • Google: ads, special access to tools that are free to NPs
      • I-search: get volunteers/fans/supporters to sign up and conduct their internet searches through their browser and get $.02 per search (adds up!!)
      • Mr. Rebates: get  volunteers/fans/supporters to sign up.  They will receive rebates they never knew existed, and your organization will also receive a portion of each rebate.
  • Please let Beth know when your organization forms a new partnership.  She will get the word out to members.  We could help each other by spreading the word to people you know who support that particular cause (i.e., if the Council on Aging has a virtual partnership, send the info to people you know who are caring for elderly parents, etc.).  THis way, we can all help each other
  • Also, please review our website (www.shapingclay.org) and help us figure out a way to advertise your organization & partnerships.  Let Beth know your ideas.
  •  NEXT MEETING, Friday, July 29th:  “Lessons Learned and Applied from the Reinhold Nonprofit Team Leadership Training.”  This panel discussion will include John Cone of BASCA; Cindy Stewart of The Shepherd’s Center; and our one & only Lee Sackett of CJ Acres Animal Rescue.  They will share lessons they have learned from the Reinhold training, and successfully applied, in areas of fundraising, volunteer management, and board development.