April 2011 Meeting Notes

Hi guys!

Last Friday we enjoyed a fantastic tour of the Florida Youth Challenge Academy!  Ron George, four cadets, and several educators taught us so much about their program.  Among many other things, we learned that kids who drop out of school:

– cost taxpayers more than $8 billion annually in public assistance programs like food stamps;

– earn about $10 thousand less a year than workers with diplomas (that’s $300 billion in lost earnings);

– are more likely to be unemployed;

– and are more likely to be incarcerated (almost 60 percent of federal inmates are high school drop outs).

We also learned that since the Florida Youth ChalleNGe program began in 2001, more than 1,800 kids who were at risk of not graduating have graduated from the residential phase of the program, and after graduation, 100 percent of the cadets have been placed in some form of higher education, working or serving in the military by their own choice!!

Also, please keep in mind that FYCA is always looking for stellar volunteer opportunities for their cadets, and Lee Sackett (with CJ Acres) can attest to their incredible competence and work ethic.  If you are in need of volunteers, please contact Ron George (chiefgeorge(at)gmail.com, or call 904-534-8152) for more information.

Looking ahead:

On May 20th at 8:30 a.m. we’ll be back at the Holiday Inn to continue the dialogue we started in January with Jennifer Connell on “Minimizing ‘Drainers’ in Your Daily Life.”   This meeting will be a highly interactive one as we draw on each others’ ideas and creativity to explore ways to delegate or barter to minimize time spent on tasks that drain us, and maximize time spent doing what we LOVE!  This type of meeting is community-building and collaboration at its best!  As always, $6/per person buys us bagles, coffee, juice, and our own private meeting room.  NOTE: the 20th is the third, not the fourth, Friday due to the Memorial Day weekend.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Peace and joy –

Beth Eifert
Organization Development Consultant
Coordinator, Shaping Clay Helping Professionals’ Group